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myComputerPlayer Member List

This is the complete list of members for myComputerPlayer, including all inherited members.
customEvent(QEvent *) (defined in myComputerPlayer)myComputerPlayer [virtual]
fieldClicked(int, bool *, QString &) (defined in myPlayer)myPlayer [inline, virtual]
isHuman() const (defined in myPlayer)myPlayer [inline, virtual]
isWhite() const (defined in myPlayer)myPlayer [inline]
m_game (defined in myComputerPlayer)myComputerPlayer [private]
m_skill (defined in myComputerPlayer)myComputerPlayer [private]
m_thread (defined in myComputerPlayer)myComputerPlayer [private]
moveDone(const QString &) (defined in myPlayer)myPlayer [signal]
myComputerPlayer(const QString &name, bool white, int skill) (defined in myComputerPlayer)myComputerPlayer
myPlayer(const QString &name, bool white) (defined in myPlayer)myPlayer [inline]
name() const (defined in myPlayer)myPlayer [inline]
opponent() const (defined in myPlayer)myPlayer [inline]
setName(const QString &n) (defined in myPlayer)myPlayer [inline]
setOpponent(myPlayer *o) (defined in myPlayer)myPlayer [inline]
setWhite(bool b) (defined in myPlayer)myPlayer [inline]
stop() (defined in myComputerPlayer)myComputerPlayer [virtual]
yourTurn(const Checkers *game) (defined in myComputerPlayer)myComputerPlayer [virtual]
~myComputerPlayer() (defined in myComputerPlayer)myComputerPlayer

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