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myHistory Class Reference

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Public Slots

void slotWorking (bool)


void applyMoves (const QString &moves)
void newMode (bool paused, bool freeplace)
void previewGame (int game_type)

Public Member Functions

void appendMove (const QString &move, const QString &comment)
void clear ()
QString getTag (PdnGame::Tag)
bool isFreePlacement () const
bool isPaused () const
int moveCount () const
 myHistory (QWidget *parent)
void newPdn (const QString &event, bool freeplace)
bool openPdn (const QString &filename, QString &log_text)
bool savePdn (const QString &fn)
void setCurrent (const QString &t)
void setTag (PdnGame::Tag, const QString &val)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString typeToString (int type)

Private Slots

void slot_continue ()
void slot_game_selected (int index)
void slot_modify_comment (QTreeWidgetItem *item, int col)
void slot_modify_tag (QTreeWidgetItem *item, int col)
void slot_move (QTreeWidgetItem *, QTreeWidgetItem *)
void slot_redo ()
void slot_undo ()

Private Member Functions

void delete_moves ()
void do_moves ()
void history_undo (bool move_backwards)
void set_mode (bool)
QString tag_to_string (PdnGame::Tag)

Private Attributes

QToolButton * m_cont
QLabel * m_current
bool m_disable_moves
bool m_freeplace
QComboBox * m_gamelist
QLabel * m_mode_icon
QTreeWidget * m_movelist
bool m_paused
QToolButton * m_redo
QTreeWidget * m_taglist
QToolButton * m_undo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file history.h.

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