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myView Class Reference

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Public Slots

virtual void setEnabled (bool)
void slotClearLog (bool b)
void slotNextRound ()
void slotStopGame ()


void working (bool)

Public Member Functions

bool isAborted () const
 myView (QWidget *parent)
void newGame (int rules, bool free_place, const QString &name, bool is_white, int opponent, const QString &opp_name, int skill)
QFont notationFont () const
bool openPdn (const QString &fn)
bool savePdn (const QString &fn)
void setNotation (bool enabled, bool show_above)
void setNotationFont (const QFont &f)
void setTheme (const QString &theme_path)

Private Types

enum  LogType {
  None, Error, Warning, System,
  User, Opponent

Private Slots

void slot_apply_moves (const QString &moves)
void slot_click (int)
void slot_move_done (const QString &board_str)
void slot_move_done_step_two ()
void slot_new_mode (bool paused, bool freeplace)
void slot_preview_game (int game_type)

Private Member Functions

void add_log (enum LogType type, const QString &text)
void begin_game (unsigned int round, bool freeplacement)
bool check_game_over ()
bool extract_move (const QString &move, int *from_num, int *to_num)
myPlayerget_first_player () const
void perform_jumps (const QString &from_board, const QString &to_board)
void stop_game (const QString &)
void you_won (bool really)

Private Attributes

bool m_aborted
bool m_clear_log
int m_freeplace_from
bool m_game_over
QTextEdit * m_log

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file view.h.

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